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Mold Inspection Services


Out of hundreds of companies in South Florida Why choose us?

 Mold assessment and creating an action plan for remediation takes a trained eye and hands-on experience. One of the largest factors setting us apart in this industry is the history of our Inspector/Co-Owner Landon Heinrichs. He spent most of his training performing mold remediation and has become an expert in the field; leading teams in 3 Major companies, and becoming the head of the department for mold remediation in one of those companies. This value of hands on experience cannot be stressed enough. When it comes to creating a remediation plan, it is important to hire someone who has years of experience in remediation learning how to effectively remediate your home, and what possible unforeseen obstacles might stand in the way. 

Another advantage with using us is that we are small and family run. In Many large companies, The inspector you get will be someone acting under someone else's license. With our company you will get Landon, Which is our licensed inspector. He will not only perform your inspection but will walk you through the process and is always available for inquiry.  

Our Services Include

Psychrometric Readings  // Thermal Imaging  // Moisture Readings // Air, Swab and Tape Lift Testing  // Remediation Plan  // Post Remediation Verification

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 High Quality Service 

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Affordable Pricing

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