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About Us

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Safe Haven Inspections is a dream come true. And that dream is to be able to provide thorough protocols for treating mold in your living space. With years of experience in Mold Remediation and Restoration, our Assessor, Landon Heinrichs, knows how to tailor your restoration needs to your unique home.  

Personalized Approach

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Our Story

Landon first started his profession in mold in 2013 in North East Pennsylvania as a Mold Remediator. After moving back home to sunny South Florida, in 2014, Landon continued his work in the restoration field moving his way up to leadership positions in 3 major companies  acting as head of the department in one of those. Having performed hundreds of remediations, he felt his expertise could better serve the community on the inspection side. So with support of his wife, family and friends, Safe Haven Inspections beautifully became a reality in 2019. 


Liscensed and Insured

Our Company is Insured as well as Licensed by the state of Florida for Mold Assessment and Remediation. Our Inspector has cross training with OSHA and Federal Guidlines as well as training and certifications through IICRC for water damage, Mold remediation and Trauma.

  • State Certified Mold Assessor MRSA3366

  • State Certified Mold Remediator MRSR3536

  • IICRC Certified WRT, AMRT, TCST

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